Introducing Safe Sea® lotion:
Patented, proven protection
against painful ocean stingers!
how it works
  • Ellen

    “Our 6 year old daughter seems to be the only one in our family that is affected by sea lice. We went to the beach this Wednesday and I forgot to bring the Safe Sea Lotion. She is a mess with sea lice stings! I feel awful for her and am kicking myself for forgetting the lotion. I am totally convinced that your lotion works. Thank goodness for your product because if we didn’t have it we would not be going to the beach again.”

  • Andrea

    “I wish we’d had it years ago when our daughter invariably was stung during our sailing vacations in the Caribbean. She is delighted that we found you!”

  • Irene

    “Safe Sea rocks!!! We used it last year and none of us got stung! Hence the reason for the larger order this year! Thanks so much!!!”

  • Michael

    “Purchased Safe Sea for the first time. Was hoping to not need it, but after a storm in Ocean City, the next day the ocean was full of small jellyfish. I applied your product to my children and myself. No stings the entire day! Great product!”